Friday, April 16, 2020
Speaker: Nick Kaltsounis
Topic: Robotic Photography

  • What is FIRST, and my team Robo Jackets 3538

    • The effect on the students lives

  • Challenges with photographing a robotics event

  • Doing something different to be noticed, and how it can be applied in your photography

  • Spreading the word with “speed”

Our Guest Speaker: Nick Kaltsounis

After getting into photography 12 years ago, Nick got his start photographing church events.  After getting noticed, he then moved on to photographing large parties, weddings, robotics, and baptisms.  Always up for the next challenge, Nick has traveled the world searching for that special shot. His main goal is to tell a story with every photograph, with the minimal amount of equipment.

Assignment: April Fools – Altered Reality


Friday, May 21, 2021