Organization Membership

Seven Ponds Nature Center Photo Club

The membership year is May 1 – April 30 the following year.

Current dues $10.00 individual: $15.00 family ( in the household )


Name: __________________________________________________________________

Email: ___________________________________________ Phone: _________________

Address: ________________________________________________________________

City: ___________________________ State: ____________ Zip ____________________

Member info: ( used to help us in the mentoring program and to help decide on new education programs)

Camera make and type: _____________________________________________________

Editing software used: ______________________________________________________

What Photo club programs would benefit you most: ______________________________

Photographic interests ( nature, portraiture, macro etc ) __________________________


Opportunities to serve:

___ Refreshments                   ____ website                                       ___ newsletter

___ Teach class                       ____ program/event planning           ___Other ___________


( office use only )

Date Paid _____________

Method of payment:       cash__________     check number __________________

Person accepting payment: ____________________________________________            

Just fill out the membership form give it to Dave Ulman at a meeting


2018 Club websites, Applications and Flyer Downloads

Seven Ponds Nature Center Photography Club Membership Application



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