All of our members are non paid volunteers.
Committees are elected each year in Oct / Nov 
Elections are held Bi Annual 2017, 2019, 2021.....
2019 Committees  Looking for volunteers 
Holiday Kick Off 2018  1-5-2018 
Kristin Grudzien - Set up
Karen Edwards - Set up
Dale Vronch - Set up
Belinda Wagner - Lead/ Table Decorations

2019 Photo Trip - Meet Up Committee Looking for volunteers 
Sally Kwaiser

2019 Photo Club Newsletter Looking for Member Content
Mark Robinson

2019 Seven Ponds Photo Club Mentor Sessions
at Lone Willow Studio Lapeer
Dale Vronch



2018 Committees
Holiday Kick Off 2018  1-5-2018 
Kristin Grudzien - Lead
Karen Ormiston
Denise Jones
Dale Vronch
Melody Munro-Wolfe
Photo Trip - Meet Up Committee
Jerry Badgero
Buddy Beyer
Todd Bielby 
Chris Fisher
Sally Kwaiser
Photo Club Newsletter
Mark Robinson
Seven Ponds Photo Club Mentor Sessions
at Lone Willow Studio Lapeer
Dale Vronch


The Board of Directors will be nominated or a member may volunteer to nominate him/her self in October of the election year. Election of new Board of Directors will be at the first November meeting of the odd number calendar years. Upon being elected, the new Board of Directors shall convene to a room outside the general meeting, and among themselves, decide on the officers for the upcoming year. New Board of Director members will take office in January of the following year. 

Elected Board for 2018 - 2019
Jim Lewis - President /DPD Print Competition
LeeAnn McLaneGoetz- VP1 - Secretary
Bobbie Lewis - VP2
Dave Ulman - Treasurer 
Hank Lewis - DPD Print Competition
Jerry Badgero - Board Member - Trip 
Todd Bielby - Board Member - Trip
Stu Davis - Board Member - 1st-week image manager
Mike Mercier - Board Member
*Ward McGinnis - 2018 President - Resigned 10-19-2018


November 1, 2019 Looking for volunteers to run for the 2020/2021 Photo Club Board

Please let us know your interest in running by Oct 18,2019

If you are interested in running for the board please contact a board member.

Note you do not have to be a master photographer to be on the board, you just have to have dedication to the club and be willing to contribute your time and talents for the 2020/2021 Election Year.

Last Updated 10-18-2018

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