2018 Seven Ponds Photo Club website and downloads


Seven Ponds Photo Club Website

https://spnc.photoclubservices .com/ 

Sept/Oct 2018 issue of the Seven Ponds Photo Club News Letter   


Seven Ponds Nature Center Photography Club Membership Application


Seven Ponds Photography Club Flyer Front 2019


Seven Ponds Photography Club Flyer Back 2019


Document: Seven Ponds Photo Club Constitution 3-16-2018 

https://spnc.photoclubservices .com/Downloads/65fe2078-c116-4 4f4-83b6-f0139709d792 

Document: Seven Ponds Photo Club By-Laws 3-16-2018  

https://spnc.photoclubservices .com/Downloads/82a2ab59-4281-4 658-b958-af36f43fd465  

Document: Seven Ponds Photo Club Member Hand Book 3-16-2018  

https://spnc.photoclubservices .com/Downloads/7156c1a4-9849-4 140-852c-ebe196caf2b2  

Seven Ponds Photo Club Calendar - Online

https://spnc.photoclubservices .com/club/clubschedules.aspx

Sister Club – Stage Troy Nature Center



Join us on Facebook Group -Seven ponds nature center Photography club users group


Run By Ward McGinnis (Group Interaction and sharing)  

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