Welcome to Seven Ponds Nature Center Photography Club

Mission Statement

The Seven Ponds Camera Club, formed in 2009, was created to promote the advancement of photography as an art.  The purpose of the club is to bring together persons of like mind who are dedicated to the advancement of their skills by association with other members, through the study of the work of others and through spirited and friendly competition.  The club exists to offer opportunities for all to share knowledge within the club and in the community, through exhibitions and programs that excite interest in the knowledge and practice of all branches of photography. 

We meet the 1st and 3rd* Friday of the month at 7:00 PM at Seven Ponds Nature Center                     


Tuesday through Sunday
9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Closed Monday
Grounds open to members dawn to dusk.
3854 Crawford Road
Dryden, MI 48428-9776


Join Us for

5-4-2018 Meeting Canceled due to lack of Power at Seven Ponds Nature Center

Due Date will be moved to 6-1-2018



Dues due please print out membership form complete and bring to next meeting
====================Club Dues Due June 1, 2018 ==================== 
It's Due Time
Please download and complete the membership form below - 
bring completed form with payment to the next meeting
See our Treasurer Dave Ulman

         Current dues $10.00 individual: $15.00 family ( in household )

================Last  Friday Mentor Session===================

Seven Ponds Photo Club Mentor session 

 No mentor sessions for June, July and August

Next Mentor session Fri Sept 28, 2018 7PM
Dale Vronch’s Lone Willow Studio.
If you are coming or would like to learn more
please email or call Dale at dvronch@gmail.com or 810-66 4-0079.

=================1st Friday Meeting===============

Photo Shoot at Seven Ponds with Stu Davis

1st  Friday, July 6, 2018, 7 PM  

Location: Seven Ponds Nature Center 3854 Crawford Road, Dryden, MI 48428-9776

Bring your camera and explore the many photo ops Seven Ponds has to offer

================Images Due for Competition===================

Seven Ponds Photo Club - Competition Images Due

Due Online Wednesday, Ju18 13, 2018 Time Due 11:30 PM

Submit Images to: http://spnc.photoclubservi ces.com

Note: Images can now be sized to 1200 on the longest side

If you are a paid member and would like to compete for the

1st time please send an email to LeeAnn at 7pondsphotoexpo@gmail.com t o request competition rights to be turned on

LeeAnn will get you active in the system and work with you to answer any questions

 =============3rd Friday Competition Night ===================
Seven Ponds Photo Club - Competition Night
3rd Friday,  July 20,  2018
Time 7:00 PM ~ 9:00PM
Location :Seven Ponds Nature Center 3854 Crawford Road, Dryden, MI 48428-9776

Cookies by: Need A Volunteer

=======Assignment Topics (1st Monday Meetings) =====
Please send your images to Stu Davis, by noon on the day of the meeting. 7pondsphoto@gmail.com 
June 1 - Clouds 
July 6 - Patriotic 
Aug 3 - Water 

 Sep 7 - Reflections 

 ====================Looking for Help ===============================
Looking for News Letter Content - Mark Robinson
Seven Ponds Photography Club Monthly Newsletter focusing on the club’s activities and events. 
Mark is looking for help in providing articles written and submitted by club members.(one or two paragraphs). 
 If you know of local places that other members may like to photograph please submit write-ups. Pictures are also welcome.  
Please email your information to mark.sppc@comcast.net.  Thanks!

Sign in - Please sign in at each meeting it helps Seven Ponds with their counts for Grant money
================Trips and Workshops===================
Seven Ponds Photo Club - 2018 Photo Club Trips and Workshops
Learn more on Facebook Group Page  - Click on Events  on Left-hand side 
Note: Click on link below to get the latest trip updates                       
When:  June 15-16, 2018 
Lead Person: Stu Davis Email: emailstu430@gmail.com 
When: Saturday, July 7, 2018
Lead Person: Jerry Badgero   Email: badgerojt@gmail.com
When: Tuesday, July 24 - July 28, 2018
Lead Person: Stu Davis Email: emailstu430@gmail.com
What: This is a city-owned park 
When: Sunday, August 12, 2018 
Lead Person: Todd Biebly  Email: toddbielbyphotography@yahoo.co
What: Photograph Barns and scenery shoot in and around the Lelenau.
When: Friday, October 19, 2018 -Saturday, Oct 20, 2018 - Sunday, Oct 21, 2018
Lead Person: Buddy Beyer Email:  beyerbuddy@aol.com

Additional Trips are in the works - Stay tuned for news 

================Local Photo Ops (Self Guided)=================== 

What::  Circus Pages Circus

When: Monday, June 11, 2018 4:30 PM and 7:30 PM

Where: Eastern Michigan Fair Grounds, Imlay City, Michigan

What:: Ray Wiegands Butterfly House

When   Opens June 9th, 2018!

Time : Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

What : Michigan Nature Centers

Thank You
LeeAnn McLaneGoetz
VP Seven Ponds Photo Club
Secretary Seven Ponds Photo Club

Events at Seven Ponds Nature Center
Seven Ponds Nature Center Photography Club
Results Election of Board Members on 11-3-2017

Elected Board for 2018 - 1019
Ward McGinnis - President - Facebook Group Page & Events
LeeAnn McLaneGoetz- VP1 - Secretary
Bobbie Lewis -VP2
Dave Ulman - Treasurer 
Hank Lewis - DPD Print Competition
Jim Lewis - DPD Print Competition
Jerry Badgero - Board Member - Trip
Todd Bielby - Board Member - Trip
Stu Davis - Board Member - 1st week image manager
Mike Mercier - Board Member (1Yr) - Stepped down


2018 Committees
Holiday Kick Off 2018  1-5-2018
Kristin Grudzien - Lead
Karen Ormiston
Denise Jones
Dale Vronch
Melody Munro-Wolfe
Photo Trip Committee
Jerry Badgero
Buddy Beyer
Todd Bielby
Chris Fisher
Photo Club Newsletter
Mark Robinson
Seven Ponds Photo Club Mentor Sessions
at Lone Willow Studio Lapeer
Dale Vronch

Photo Club Training Classes
Lead By Ward McGinnis at Seven Ponds Nature Center


2018 Seven Ponds Photo Club website, download links

June/July 2018 issue of the Seven Ponds Photo Club News Letter 




Elected Board for 2018 - 1019
Ward McGinnis - President - Facebook Group Page
LeeAnn McLaneGoetz- VP1 - Secretary
Bobbie Lewis -VP2
Dave Ulman - Treasurer
Hank Lewis - DPD Print Competition 
Jim Lewis - DPD Print Competition
Jerry Badgero - Board Member - Trip
Todd Bielby - Board Member - Trip
Stu Davis - Board Member - 1st-week image manager

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